Niobium Capillary Tube

Niobium is a light grey, crystalline, and ductile transition metal. It’s widely used in structural steel and superalloys.

Niobium-Nb capillary tube has features of metallic luster, no color changed by hydrogenation and oxidation, no scratch, no deformation, etc. It can be used in different industries like electronics for high-pressure sodium lamp production, it can also be used in medical field for the centrifugation of blood samples.

Niobium Capillary Tube-Stahlmann Special Material

Chemical Composition for Niobium

Niobium Capillary Tube-Stahlmann Special Material

We supply Niobium Capillary Tube With below materials and sizes

Material Grade: R04200, R04210

Outside Diameter: 0.2 – 8 mm (0.00787 – 0.315 in.)

Wall Thickness: 0.015 -0.5 mm (0.00197 -0.0787 in.)

Length: Cut to Lengths according to required specifications