Established in 2010, Stahlmann Special Material (MTX Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd.) is one of the leading manufacturers in China of capillary tubes, with various kinds of special materials. We are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, and have recently acquired ISO13485 for medical industry applications.

We are specialized in producing high precision capillary tubes with different materials and alloys, such as  Gr.2 titanium capillary, Gr.9 titanium capillary, Niobium capillary, niobium zirconium capillary, 4J29 Capillary, 4J50 Capillary, Beryllium copper capillary, as well as the most commonly used material: stainless steel capillary. Taylor-made designs are available upon request.

For the past decade, we’ve been investing heavily in R&D to meet our worldwide customer’s high criteria requirements, and thus keep delivering top quality products globally in various industries such as medical, electronics, aerospace, automobile, etc. Also we maintain good relationships with researchers in first class universities and medical schools around the world.

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Marker Bands

What is a marker band? In the context of medical equipment, marker bands are thin-walled tubes made of biocompatible metals such as gold, platinum, tantalum, iridium, or tungsten. (to find

About Us-Stahlmann Special Material

What is Targeted Therapy?

Definition of Targeted Therapy Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to target specific genes or proteins that are involved in the growth

About Us-Stahlmann Special Material

Tantalum Marker Bands

To understand what is tantalum marker bands, firstly we need to know what is a marker band, you may turn to other blog about “Marker Bands”. Then let’s understand more